Where are BIKE IN MIND?

We are located in Calle Donoso Cortés 12 in Valencia, next to Ruzafa Market.

Can I get discounts on my rental?

Of course! You can book directly on our website and get 10% off with the promo code 'ONLINE'. In addition, we always prepare offers that will allow you to get discounts on your rental. Discover now which offers are available in the RENTAL-OFFERS section of our website and follow us on our social networks.

Can I rent a bike under 18 years old?

Bike rental is only available for adults with a valid ID. Children under 18 years can only rent accompanied by an adult.

A document and/or deposit is required to rent a bicycle?

Yes! Before the rental period begins, we will require a deposit of 50 € per bike (100 € in case of E-Bike). Alternatively we will require an ID / passport / driving licence, that we’ll keep it until the end of the rental period. After returning the rented bicycle(s) and accessories, the deposit will be fully refunded in the event that no damage has occurred.

What my rental included?

Rentals included: City Map, Basket, Padlock, Helmet, Lights, Phone Mount and Child Seat. For rentals of 2 days or more, we included a fantastic drawstring bag in your price.

If I rent my bike for more than a day, where can I park it overnight?

If the bicycle is rented for more than one day, make sure you can store inside your Hotel or apartment because is not allowed to leave the bike outside overnight.
Alternatively, you can parking inside our store but remember to bring it us before closing time.

Who is responsible if the bicycle is stolen or damaged?

You are. The customer is responsible for any damage/s to bicycle rented and will refund all repair costs and the necessary replacement of the damaged parts. In case of theft or loss, the customer is responsible for the economic value of the bicycle/s (and its accessories) and relatives prices will be charged.

What happens if I have a mechanical problem or a puncture?

Road assistance is included in the rental price and is available in Valencia city.

Are there any accident insurance?

No. The CUSTOMER bears full legal liability for damage caused to third parties.

Are there any rules for cycling in Valencia?

In Valencia bicycles must use the areas designates for cyclist and, in their absence, on the road next to other vehicles. In this case you can use any lane next to the sidewalk, whichever is more convenient for your destination.
You can get more information about rules and recommendations for bicycle circulation in Valencia, on http://www.valencia.es/agenciabici/sites/default/files/docs/normes_angles.pdf