Rent a bike in Valencia

Why rent a bike with us ?

Why discover Valencia by bicycle?

Valencia is an ideal city for getting around by bicycle.

  • Because it is a flat city and with a mild climate all year round.
  • Because with its 100 miles of cycle paths, is one of the best European cities to use this healthy and ecological means of transport.

Large range of bicycles, choose yours!

City Bike, Trekking, Hybrid or E-Bike, we all have it!

  • Enjoy your days in Valencia and discover all city attractions in a simple and cheap way with our City Bikes.
  • Find the best value for money with our Trekking Bikes .
  • Take it easy! The easiest and most comfortable way to visit Valencia and its surroundings is undoubtedly by renting our E-Bikes.

We help you to choose the perfect bicycle for you!

It is very important to ride a custom bicycle that guarantees you comfort and safety.

  • We make sure your bike is the right size for you.
  • Tell us where you want to go and we recommend the best bicycle to get it.
  • Wide variety of accessories included, such as baskets, padlocks, helmets, lights, etc

Prices includes:

Lock "U"

Child seat

City Map
Phone mount

Terms and conditions

0. Client Statement

The customer declares to be in a good physical and mental condition to ride a bicycle.

1. Return of bicycle

The bike must be returned to the shop on the date and time indicated in the contract , any extra hour will be charged at 5 € per hour.

2. Hand back earlier then the end of rental period

If the CUSTOMER hand back the bicycle earlier than he has to do, BIKE IN MIND reserves the right to doesn’t refund the money for the remaining days.

3. Checking the bicycle conditions

The CUSTOMER and BIKE IN MIND take note to have delivered the bicycle in good condition. Bicycle rental is only available to adults who have a valid ID, unless the person under 18 years old is accompanied by an adult.

4. Security deposit

At the start of the rental period, a security deposit of € 50 per bicycle (€ 100 in case of E-bike rental), is requested. Otherwise, we request an original ID – passport - driving licence, that we’ll keep it until the end of the rental period. After returning the rented bicycle(s) and accessories, the deposit will be fully refunded in the event that no damage has occurred. If the missing or broken rented items exceed the deposit amount, the customer must settle the balance.

5. In case of damages

The CUSTOMER is liable for damage to the rented bicycle and will refund both the repair costs and the necessary replacement of damaged parts. The following prices will be charged:

  • Wheel € 80
  • Derailieur € 40
  • Pedal € 20
  • Fender € 30
  • Saddle € 30
6. In case of theft or loss

In the event of theft or loss, the customer is liable for the replacement value of the bicycle (and its accessories) and the following prices will be charged:

  • City Bike € 200
  • TrekkingBike € 400
  • Hybrid Bike € 500
  • E-Bike € 1000
  • Kids Bike € 170.
7. Customer responsibility

The CUSTOMER will take care of the bike rented out to him.

8. Customer Liabilities

The bicycle(s) must be carefully locked (both the frame and the wheels) to a fixed, non-movable object. If the bicycle is rented for more than one day, make sure you can store inside your Hotel or apartment because is not allowed to leave the bike outside during the night.

Limitation of Liability

1. Damage caused to third parties

The CUSTOMER bears full legal liability for damage caused to third parties.

2. Disclaimer

BIKE IN MIND is not responsible for injury or damages caused to/by the client during the rental period.

3. Safety rules

The CUSTOMER must respect Spanish traffic regulations. Any ticket or fine due to incorrect use of the bicycle will be completely assumed by the customer.

If you want to get more information about rules and recommendations for bicycle circulation in Valencia, we suggest you to visit

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