Albufera by Bike

Nature a few kilometers from Valencia

Discover the best bicycles for rent to go to the Albufera Natural Park. Choose between TREK Touring Bike, Electric Bike or TREK Mountain Bike and live a unique nature experience.

What is Albufera Natural Park?

What is Albufera Natural Park?

Amazingly, just a few km from a mega city like Valencia, we can find the Albufera Natural Park, a protected area of great environmental wealth and extraordinary natural beauty.

The Albufera Natural Park, located just 12 km south of Valencia, it is an area of high biological value and habitat for many species of native and migratory birds.
The landscape of the Albufera has different ecosystems that change throughout the seasons.

The park consists of a freshwater lagoon separated from the Mediterranean Sea by sand dunes of Saler. It communicates the sea by small canals, the Perello, the Perellonet and Pujol.

Boat Ride

There are several places where you can get a boat ride through the Albufera lake of Valencia. However, we always recommend getting it from El Palmar, so that you can enjoy a very spanish characteristic ambience. In addition, in El Palmar, you can find a wide variety of restaurants where you can taste a typical Valencian Paella or a typical dish from this area.

The boat ride lasts approximately 45 minutes and costs between €4 and €8 per person, depending on the company that runs it and the route. The boats navigate through the canals and enter into Albufera Park, up to the bushes in the center of the lake.

During the visit by boat, you will be able to observe the heron colonies and discover where they nest and hibernate, observing them without disturbing them.

The boat will continue its journey through the typical Valencian houses called "barraca", through the fishing grounds of the area and depending on the time of year, a fishing demonstration can be made depending on the season, observing how the fishermen work. You will also be able to see the jumps of the Mullet fish, typical of the Albufera lake and that can even get into the boat without any danger.

During the visit by boat, an official guide of the Albufera Lake in Valencia will explain the history, traditions and customs of the Natural Park.

Eat Paella in "El Palmar"

The origin of Paella, known throughout the world as a typical dish of Spanish cuisine, is located in this area of ​​the Albufera Lake in Valencia.

The peasants and shepherds of the rural areas of Valencia, in the 15th and 16th centuries, had to bring food cooked in the simplest possible way, so Paella was born. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the people lived next to the Lake used the food around them for cooking, such as birds, wild rabbit, fresh vegetables they had in the garden, rice, saffron and olive oil. All the ingredients were cooked over a low heat with water, generally over a fire that was made with orange wood and that added a very particular smell and flavor.

Today, you can eat several types of Paella such as: The authentic Valencian Paella with Chicken and Rabbit or only with Chicken, Seafood Paella, Vegetable Paella or with Duck and Mushrooms.

Of the many restaurants in El Palmar, according to our experience, we always recommend the following to our clients:
La Perleta Valenciana - Tel. 961 62 01 87
Casa Ángel - Tel. 962 11 21 95
Restaurante Bon Aire - Tel. 961 62 03 10

Albufera by bike

Getting to the Albufera Natural Park by renting a bicycle is one of the best options. A unique experience, which will allow you to discover the landscapes and living the traditions of the "Comunidad Valenciana".

The distance from our Bike in Mind Valencia Bike Rental Shop in Ruzafa neighborhood to the town of El Palmar is 20 kilometers.

The route is all flat and more than half is with a bike lane. From the town of El Saler, you will have to get the normal road that will take you to the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia.

Before starting your trip to El Palmar, at Bike in Mind Valencia we will suggest you the best route to get to the Albufera Park and we will also leave you a QR code that will allow you to download it directly to your mobile.

In addition, included in the rental price, you will have: Helmets, Baskets, Phone Holder and, although all our bicycles are all equipped with anti-puncture tires, we will leave you a repair kit in case you have a problem with it.