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A document and/or deposit is required to rent a bicycle?

Yes, is requested a valid id/passport/driving license and security deposit of 50 € per bicycle (€ 100 in case of E-bike Rental). Is possible to pay it by cash or card (in case of using cards, a fee of 1 € will be applied). Instead the 50 € or 100 € of the security deposit, the customer can leave his id/passport/driving license like security deposit. After returning the rented bicycle(s) and accessories, the deposit will be fully refunded in the event that no damage has occurred. If the missing or broken rented items exceed the deposit amount, the customer must settle the balance.

What my rental included?

Always included in the rental price you will have: Map of the city, Basket, Lock, Helmet, Lights, Phone Holder and child seat.

What time do I have to drop-off the bike?

The bikes must returned at the time established in the contract. In case of delay, the costumer has to notify in advance, otherwise a penalty of 20€ will be charged.

Who is responsible in case of theft or damage to the bicycle?

WITHOUT THEFT AND DAMAGES INSURANCE the liability for theft and damages to the bicycle is the costumer. Lock the bicycle does not remove liability for theft. In case of theft, loss or damage the following prices will be charged: Bicycles: Basic City Bike 200 €, Premium City Bike 350 €, Trekking Bike 450 €, Kids Bike 170 € - Bike Parts: Wheel 80 €, Rear or Front Derailleur 40 €, Pedals 20 €, Fender 30 €, Rear Rack 50 €, Saddle 30 €, Seat Post 10 €, Chain Cover 20 €, Fork 100 € - Bike Accessories: Basket 28 €, Phone Holder 7 €, Key/U-Lock or Chain Lock 20 €, Helmet 20 €, Kids Seat 50 €, Key/Folding Lock 30 €, E-Bike Charger 250 €, E-Bike Key Battery 30 €.

WITH THEFT AND DAMAGES INSURANCE the customer has to pay the excess of 50 % of the bike value, instead 100%. The insurance covers any damage to the bicycle but doesn't cover the theft or loss of the bike accesories.

What happens if I have a mechanical breakdown or a puncture?

WITHOUT ROAD ASSISTANCE SERVICE , the customer has to bring the bike to the shop to repair it free of charge.

WITH ROAD ASSISTANCE SERVICE In case of breakdown the customer has to send us a WhatsApp message at +34 684 054 683 and share his live location.

In which hours is the road assistance available and in which area does it include?

The Road Assistance service is available everyday from 9am to 7pm in Valencia city. The service is not available outside the metropolitan area of Valencia, eg: Pinedo, Saler, Albufera Park and Port Saplaya.

Are there any rules for cycling in Valencia?

In Valencia bicycles must use the areas designates for cyclist and, in their absence, on the road next to other vehicles. In this case you can use any lane next to the sidewalk, whichever is more convenient for your destination.
You can get more information about rules and recommendations for bicycle circulation in Valencia, on http://www.valencia.es/agenciabici/sites/default/files/docs/normes_angles.pdf

Can a person under 18 years old rent a bike?

No, Bicycle rental is only available to adults, unless the person under 18 years old is accompanied by an adult.

Who is responsible for injuries and damages caused to himself and to third parties?

The customers bears full legal liability and is responsibles for the payment of any medical bills for damages and injuries caused to himself and to third parties. BIKE IN MIND is not responsible for injuries or damages caused by the rented bikes and/or items during the rental period. The theft and damages insurance by BIKE IN MIND covers only theft and damages of the bike rented.

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